What Is Botography


What is Botography?

Botography is a new way of looking at capturing moments.

Traditional photography tells us that smiling and lighting are the main keys to successful portraiture.

Botography captures life as it happens with as little manipulation as possible.

With the use of unobtrusive techniques and strategies the true moods and feelings of a setting can be captured.

This style of photography is our formula for creative, stylish and innovative results in a wide variety of assignments and events.

Experience in traditional and photojournalistic photography has birthed the hybrid that is Botography.

From portraiture to sporting events and all points in between, the  “Botographic” style is effective.



Why just have memories of life’s precious moments when you can have pictures to go with them?

Our minds don’t always  place the same value on events in our lives that our hearts hold dear.

A random song or a faint fragrance can take us back to a time or place that we have unconsciously allowed ourselves to forget.

Guarantee that important pieces of our past, present and future aren’t lost by our memories which are guaranteed to fade.


                                                         bwana bomani



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